Konferens: Water IP Network Meeting

We are pleased to announce the next Network Meeting for water-related LIFE Integrated Projects. Join us for three days of online presentations, discussions and networking opportunities!

The conference will give you the opportunity to discuss both thematic topics and project management issues, depending on your interest. For example:

  • Eutrophication and agriculture
  • Urban water planning and climate adaption
  • Free fish passages
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Project development/complementary actions
  • Communication and public awareness raising
  • Virtual study visits to three of the LIFE IP Rich Waters project sites

The programme will also include presentations by EASME, DG Environment and Neemo.

We address all beneficiaries of the Water related IP´s, including project partners and project management teams. Details about registration and agenda will follow. In the meantime, block your calendars!

Registration and more information

Water IP Network Meeting (onlive.events)


apr 20 - 22 2021