LIFE IP Rich Waters

LIFE IP Rich Waters tackles some of the most serious environmental problems that affect the quality and vitality of the water bodies of the Northern Baltic Sea River Basin – eutrophication, barriers to fish migration and environmental pollutants. LIFE IP Rich Waters aims at developing new and better methods to combat these problems in a cost-effective way.

The project is a partnership between authorities, municipalities, companies, researchers and water conservation associations – for the benefit of our common waters.

About Rich Waters

map of the Northern Baltic Sea District

This is LIFE IP Rich Waters

Rich Waters is Sweden’s first integrated project (IP) within the EU’s LIFE Programme. The project started in January 2017 and will be implemented for 7,5

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Themes and projects

Eutrophication, barriers to fish migration and environmental pollutants are the most serious environmental problems in the Northern Baltic Sea River Basin District. LIFE IP Rich

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Project management and Steering group

LIFE IP Rich Waters is coordinated by the County Administrative Board of Västmanland. The project management team is hosted within the offices of the regional water authority.

The LIFE programme of the European Union

LIFE is the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the European Union. Integrated Projects were introduced in order to


Project partners

Protecting and preserving our waters is a shared responsibility. Water cuts across geographical and organisational boundaries. The river basin management is based on the water’s

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Water IP Network Meeting 2021

On April 20-22 2021, LIFE IP Rich Waters organized Water IP Network Meeting, a three day digital conference for the European integrated projects that are