A tool for risk assessment, regarding pesticides in ground- and surface waters

Deliverable No. 5. 31/10/2018 (Action C1)

Summary of MACRO-SE delivery

This delivery consists of 5 parts:

  • Delivery description of simulations conducted by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – Centre – for Chemical Pesticides (SLU-CKB) in 2017 and 2018. The work to build the MACRO-SE tool was carried out outside the scope of LIFE-IP RW and has been financed partly by HAV [Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management] and partly by SLU [Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences]. The work to design the simulations was carried out by SLU, HAV, VM NÖVD [Water Management of Northern Baltic Sea Water District] and county administrative boards in close collaboration during 2018. The work carried out by HAV, VM NÖVD and county administrative boards (?) is within the scope of LIFE IP RW. The delivery description is available in the collaboration workspace. The files described in the delivery have been sent to all county administrative boards where the impact of pesticides from agriculture is significant.
  • Work carried out by HAV in order to manage and coordinate SLU-CKB’s work so that it is incorporated into HAV’s other policy guidance work relating to pollution and prioritised substances and polluting substances in particular. An important part of this work has been ensuring that the development of MACRO-SE and its use leads to improved implementation of EU legislation in the field (the Water Framework Directive, the Priority Substances Directive, the Directive for Sustainable Use of Pesticides). Parts of HAV’s policy guidance work within the field has been carried out within the scope of LIFE IP RW and this work has been carried out primarily by AnnSofie Wernersson. Ann-Karin Thorén has coordinated the work so that deliveries and milestones within the scope of LIFE IP RW are achieved. Links to HAV’s policy guidance work on modelling tools for metals and pollution.
  • Work that has been carried out by HAV, water authorities and county administrative boards. We held a number of meetings within the scope of LIFE-IP RW in late 2017 and early 2018 in order to make the results of the simulations with the MACRO-SE tool useful for the purposes within water management and to increase understanding for how the results can and should be used when the monitoring program and corrective measures program should be developed. Results of MACRO-SE simulations were discussed on those occasions. When HAV, water authorities or county administrative boards considered it necessary to adapt the simulations, SLU-CKB made the necessary adjustments.
  • Test of results from simulations with MACRO-SE. The Skåne County Administrative board conducted a test in May 2018. The result of the test is available in the collaborative workplace. The test is based on the manual drafted by the water authorities.
  • Manual for impact analysis using MACRO-SE. The water authorities have drafted a manual in order to make it easier for the county administrative boards to use results from simulations with MACRO-SE. The manual has been used by the counties in 2018 and 2019 for the impact analysis and risk assessment that will serve as a basis for revision of monitoring programmes and corrective measure programmes from 2021-2027.

In 2018 the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – Centre for Chemical Pesticides (SLU-CKB) concluded the work with simulating the risk of finding residue of pesticides in surface and groundwater for the water management work. Approximately 200 scenarios (combination of substance, crop, time and county) have been simulated with MACRO-SE and the results have been aggregated to provide one result per substance and county. The results were reported to the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and the water authorities and were used as the primary basis for the impact assessment and risk analysis of pesticides that were conducted within the water management for both groundwater and surface water. Throughout the course of the work we have been in continuous contact and coordination with the authorities with the objective of developing the model so that it responds to the clients’ needs.

Over the course of the work with the simulations and the subsequent work summarising the results, comprehensive work with development and elimination of bugs in the model was also carried out.

More information about MACRO-SE

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences – Centre for Chemical Pesticides (SLU-CKB) has worked with risk mapping of pesticides in surface and groundwater since 2015; see, for example, SLU-CKB 2015 Risk Mapping for Skåne 2015.

SLU-CKB’s work with risk assessment tool

From 2016 – 2018, HAV financed the development of MACRO-SE outside the scope of LIFE IP RW for application within the impact analysis and risk assessment that serve as a basis for the water management’s monitoring and corrective measures programme.

Work in 2018 and beyond


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