Water for all at Gottsunda stormwater park

Stormwater from a number of residential areas flows through the new stormwater park in Gottsunda, which was constructed by the municipality of Uppsala. Here, the water is purified to remove nutrients, oil and heavy metals before flowing on into the Hågaån river and out to Lake Mälaren.

The stormwater park promotes well-being for both nature and humans. Insects, frogs and birds are attracted to the water. Paths, footbridges and jetties offer a rich, everyday natural environment for walking and outdoor activity at the water’s edge. You can get really close to aquatic life here, and so the stormwater park is also a valuable resource for schools and leisure activities relating to water and the environment.

Gottsunda Stormwater Park is truly multifunctional – with water purification, biodiversity and an enriched local environment. Politicians in Uppsala refer to it as ”cutting-edge urban development”!